Monday, March 13, 2017


photo taken by my dad credited to him 

People tend to appreciate flowers to love them to cherish them in many ways by petals to bouquet.
people tend to forget the back bone of the glowing comes from 
the role behind the closed doors
the supportive cast to keep the flowers bloom 
the one that needs to go through hell to bring out the best
the input of happiness

People focusing on output
on return they will get 
they take the prettiest thing in you and the sorrow they throw away


The flowers cant be flowers without the leaves
The sky cant be the sky without the clouds
The perfection cant be the perfection without imperfection

And the happiness cant be the happiness with sadness.

im a bit offended  i thought i can be me i can cherish my flaws but when they see the real me they say 'this isnt you lisha' 

To the people whom may concern
im fragile im problematic ass i cant be good all the time i cant drown my anger because they know how to swim i cant hide from insecurity because they are living inside me and i cant break the sadness because in every happiness i take ill have to swallow sadness.

i cant force these things to go away i cant fight them . they have grown before i met you. stop feeding them. stop telling me something that makes them greater than me. stop pushing me .

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