Sunday, March 12, 2017

hi 2017


its been so long im not writting nor saying anything in here. this blog has been a part of me i wrote everything in here since i was sixteen now im 21 hueww almost 5 years already.
so heres a lil update of me just graduated diploma in investment analysis
2.currently doing nothing with my mom
4.funding myself to sydney
5.ive been outgrown my friends
6.i just broke up with my bf

ok dont shook..
since in highschool i guess i talk a lot about my besties in here i love them so much they just like the stars sparkling through my darkness far away yet so near.
but the stars doesnt always appear in the darkest cloud. they were hiding beneath the dark cloud.
and the dark cloud is my flaws.
for some reasons years of friendship i thought they would understand they wouldnt judge. But things happened. the stars no longer stars they no longer shining. im so afraid im so scared. But i take the courage to face my fear to know the stars to acknowledge why theyre shining so brightly.

And the sad thing is they arent the stars they just exploding ball of gas. Faking masquarating and a disease. im sorry i just cant take it anymore.

heres a friend ive been through everything ill do anything for her yet she cant help me out in a night.
heres a friend who talking behind me judging me like she never done anything wrong
heres a friend who is unrequited and wants me to repent and say sorry like i did a gigantic ass mistakes

im sorry i cant i have pride i can swallow this pain.

i cant believe by early 20 god has open the door of truth in everything
its okay im good im positively good.
im reserved i still have friends who is sincere and kind

i just want to say its okay to outgrown your friends its okay youre leaving its okay to be alone than being lonely with the wrong company

you have to take the urge everything will be beautiful afterwards.

i guess im too old for blogging hehe i want to do this !

heres a blue purplelish flower :)
bye peeps

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