Monday, October 31, 2011

Before you walk into my life.

dear fishy
You need to know something about me . You need to know that i'm a very insecure person . I have very low self esteem , i'm not perfect ,  i'm everything but perfect . i find it hard to trust people now . i've made mistakes in the past . and i've learned to live with them . i've learn to accept people for who they really are,it's not hard . Sometime i cant be bothered anymore . sometimes i don't want even to be lived but the thing is i have a million reasons to be alive and i just haven't found them yet . I miss the people that i shouldn't even think about anymore.
i've liked, i've loved , i've been hurt . i have hurt people. I'm not perfect . but hey ! this is me . And before you walk into my life , you need to know this things . Because if you walk into my life , you can't walk out of my life !
when things are getting hard.Just like all the other people did....

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