Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Life aint so sweet its all about him a guy that i love the most  about a year ago .
how i would wake up everyday and beam like its the best day of my life how i would re-read our text messages and chuckle in bliss how i would try to act normal whenever he smiles at me , stares at me , and talks to me ... and how i would swear to myself that i wont break his heart and hope that he would take care of mine and protects me and be with me whenever im sad .

but god plans better for me he not even mine . i have to accept that and trying to forget him  it kills me inside though seeing a guy that i love the most with another girl . and someone sent me their photos together . speechless . cant describe how really i feel .

gone dream shattered thats all i can say . now i would walk away around and admit it never happened . i would face everyone and let no one but only my torn heart knows theres more than meets the eyes and i know realizing everything for all he did that i didnt know its time IM BETTER OFF.

i wish i could be this beautiful in the real life ==' anyway thanks to cymera because of this MOTHERFUCKERBEAUTIFUL .

and  my new baby


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